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The Smiling Rock

My name is Bobbie Randolph-Ley, and for nearly a decade, I’ve called Edmonds home, alongside my husband, Andy. What started as a simple solution to prevent my four-year-old granddaughter from tossing rocks into the grass has turned into an incredible passion for me. Two years ago, I discovered the enchanting world of rock painting, and it has brought immense joy to my life ever since.

From leaving colorful surprises on my neighbors’ doorsteps to creating pieces that people now want to buy, I’ve been on a remarkable artistic journey. There’s something magical about witnessing a plain rock transform into a little work of art that brings smiles to people’s faces. While I aspire to explore painting on canvas in the future, my heart will forever be dedicated to crafting these smiling rocks. Join me on this delightful adventure as I continue to spread happiness, one rock at a time.

Check out my recent rocks in the Rock Gallery. If you want something custom created for you, please contact me using the form! You can also contact me directly at [email protected].

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